What are the admission criteria?

Swimming Ability: It is a requirement that you are able to swim 25m unaided. You are likely to go under water and should be confident in the water. You have to be able to pull yourself up out of the water, and it can be tiring. Height Restriction:
There is a minimum height of 1.20m permitted on the Aqua Park. Age and Parental Supervision: Children aged 6 and 7 years old can attend any session provided that an adult or guardian of 18+ is present on the Aqua Park with them, on a 1 adult to 3 children ratio. Children aged 8 to 15 years old inclusive can attend any session but must have either a adult or guardian on shore, or on the Aqua Park with them for the duration of the session. 16 years old and over can attend any session without supervision.

When do the Sessions Start

The sessions start on the hour every hour. You need to arrive 30 minutes before your start time you have booked. Once you have arrived you must come to reception to check in.

Do you provide Wetsuits and life Jackets

The price includes wetsuits and Life Jackets. They are provided once you have checked in at reception. You don't have to wear your wetsuit but the life jacket is compulsury and only ones provided by Curve Water Sports can be worn

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

You must be a conpident swimmer to use the Aqua Park. To test this we ask that you jump off a dock and swim to the Aqua park

Can I wear glasses on the Aqua Park?

The simple answer is NO! We do not allow any glass objects on the Aqua Park for obvious reasons. If you need glasses to see then you will need to bring goggles with lenses in.

Can I wear Jewellery?

We do not allow any Jewellery in the Aqua park so please take it off before you come or leave it in a safe place before you enter the briefing area.